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Lucky Block Bundle!

TNT Lucky Blocks? Rainbow Lucky Blocks? Super Lucky Blocks?! This map adds 10 craftable lucky block types. Face lucky and unlucky outcomes!

Lucky Block

Survival with a twist! Fill your new world with awesome lucky blocks! This mysterious new block has lots of different outcomes. Enjoy an entirely new experience to minecraft survival with lucky blocks!

Lucky Block Skyblock

Lucky block? Check! Skyblock? Check! This map combines lucky blocks and skyblock! Open multiple types of lucky blocks and expand your sky block. -Classic Lucky Blocks, Super Lucky Blocks and Evil Lucky Blocks!

Ninja Parkour

Parkour over the roofs from building to building as a real ninja! Learn what it takes to become a master ninja and parkour your way to the top. This Ninja Parkour map includes several fun skins and a world great for roleplay. Are you ready to become a real ninja?


Explore the Upgraded Desert!

Are you ready to explore the new dangerous and mysterious upgraded desert?! Have the adventure of your dreams exploring cool tombs, visiting locals and negotiating for rare items or by simply enjoying a fresh dive in the all new oasis!

Massive Skyblock!

Have a new mega sky challenge! Visit over 100+ custom islands in this huge skyblock map, each island giving you free resources. Parkour your way to different islands and get lucky while looting epic dungeons.

-100+ custom islands with different mobs, biomes and secrets

-Visit nether islands or slay the dragon in the end!

-Visit the villagers or create your own city!


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