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About Chunklabs

Good to meet you! We are


A small team of passionate creators. Creating content and virtual worlds together. Combining peoples strengths to make better content than you are able to create alone. Using the creative and popular game Minecraft to entertain, create and educate.

Our team dedicates itself every day to shape virtual worlds, create online content and build environments to explore or to learn from. Our team first started playing Minecraft in 2014 and played ever since. From architecture to sculptures or large mountain ranges Chunklabs has members specialised in all different fields. After our 2019 rebrand we chose the name Chunklabs for our brand. Chunk because of the blocks in the game we work in and Labs because we like to experiment and try different things and explore new fields.

We help consult and build for media and education purpose. Being a international team of artists. We aim to help bringing visions to reality and are unique because of our storytelling and letting our worlds come to live.